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Head Start/Early Head Start will be providing a Food Distribution Service to currently enrolled children on Mondays and Wednesdays to be picked up from 9-11am.


Food Distribution pick up sites are:

  • Newark Head Start center

  • Sodus Head Start center


Meals picked up on Monday will include 2 breakfasts/2 lunches for Mon and Tues. Meals picked up on Wednesday will include 3 breakfasts /3 lunches for Wed/Thurs/Fri. 


If you have questions regarding meal pick up service, please contact your center Family Worker.


The food pantry located at 7188 Ridge Road, Sodus, NY is open and has extended day, evening and some weekend hours.  Please call 315-483-8761 first, we will gather all information and begin to prepare the food box to be ready for your arrival in order to maintain social distancing.  If transportation is an issue, please call the pantry and we will work to find a solution.  The only requirement at this time is that the family lives in Wayne County. We submitted an application for a Crisis Grant from Rochester Community Endowment Fund, and were awarded $1500 to use on food, essential supplies and recreational activities. 


The Success Center staff is on heightened alert to watch for any signs of symptoms related to COVID-19 as well as any significant changes in behaviors of residents.  Many of our residents have significant trauma, mental/behavioral health diagnosis, and substance-use disorders.  We are working diligently to keep them connected using telemedicine with their doctors and counselors as often as possible.  We are also increasing the use of our in-house mental health counselor who is providing telemedicine to the residents. We are happy to report that thus far, there have been no major issues or concerns. 


The OMH recognized immediately that behavioral health services were essential during this pandemic.  Guidance was sent out to allow for CFTSS and HCBS services to continue, using telemedicine as an option.  This was further expanded to allow telephonic visits.  This meant that we were able to continue to serve our clients.  My team sprang into action, thinking outside the box, agreed to work from home, some using personal computers, laptops and printers to maintain continuity of care for their clients.


All FGP volunteers continue to receive Stipend, but are serving remotely due to their high-risk status.  Weekly check-in calls are being accomplished to assess well-being and offer assistance if needed.  Activities being performed by our volunteers include, but are not limited to:


  • Letter writing to/from their students through the school systems;

  • Participating in virtual classrooms per invitation from their teachers. 


Our Parent Education staff are serving parents with remote versions of our typical Parenting Class menu, both one-on-one and with virtual groups.  Virtual guided conversations by trained facilitators be based on the Strengthening Families ™ Protective Factors Framework.  We are making referrals as appropriate and referring families for inter-agency mental health services when needed.


Our Healthy Families staff are fully engaged and working very efficiently from home.  Healthy Families at the national and the state level have very clear guidance and plans in place for remote service, and their swift aid enabled our families to progress smoothly through this digital transmission without interruption. 

It's all kinda scary. We get it.

That's why we want to keep you as informed as possible about how we're doing our part to help keep our community safe. Please take a look at these resources still being offered.

Tips & Tricks
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And if you DO have to go out, keep yourself and others safe by maintaining a 6 foot radius.


Of WATER that is.

Less sugar + more water = healthier bodies.



Please check the employee page for more agency updates during this unprecedented time.

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